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Boris's Lightning Mode plugin compiled for GZDoom Builder

PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:00 am
by Redneckerz
This is just a rehosting of a compiled build i came across today over at DW. It is a compiled build of a lighting plugin for GZDoom Builder. Because the compiled build is hosted at Google Drive, it is subject to deletion in the future if the uploader so warrants it.

Fortunately, it was still available for download, so i took it and i am now rehosting it as an attachment so it has a permanent record here.

I am also putting it up because it might be useful for Ultimate Doom Builder. Do note it has his limitations.

Boris posted about this in the past, see here.

So what does it do?
It creates sector lighting for maps in GZDoomBuilder.

How does it work?
Kappes Buur did an excellent write up:

''1. this plugin is for GZDoom Builder
2. you have to use the UDMF or Doom in Hexen format
3. your map must have void sectors which can throw shadows
4. set brightness of sector(s)
5. click the Lighting Plugin icon
6. insert a light, right click it to set brightness
7. drag the light for best effect
8. to fix the light (shadow) press the key bound to Do Lighting
9. repeat 6 to 8 for enhanced effect
10. test and save

For example:''

From Aliotroph:

''This has some uses even if it never changes from its current state.

A couple things worth mentioning for people who play with it before Boris posts again (because it really is just a prototype:
  • Lights ignore vertices farther than 1024 units away. The number is hardcoded for now. Can make for some weird effects in large spaces.
  • The "light type" dropdown box has no function yet.
  • The light things themselves aren't subject to undo/redo right now.
  • You can undo the changes the lights make to the map.
  • Changing modes reverts the settings on the lights. (eg. You set a light's brightness to 32, light the map and look at it in 3D mode. When you right-click the light again it will be set to 16.)
  • You can select multiple lights to move them, but editing the brightness will only work on one of the selected lights.''

How does it look?


Lightning Mode github source, of which the compiled build is derived from.
DW Thread where i found this.