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ZSDK Project

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:23 pm
by kevansevans
Felt like this was the appropriate time to announce this.

Since the addition of ipk3/iwad support in GZDoom, I've noticed there's a lack of tools aimed at from scratch mods, TC's, or standalone games, and I think that should be something that can be fixed. Goal is to provide, in a similar vein to freedoom, a minimal set of assets and tools for anyone to easily pick up and use if they want to make a completely original project for ZDoom, without the need of any id software title being in their possession.


The goal here is, as mentioned being similar to freedoom, being a free base platform for base projects. The IPK3 will be MIT, and contain base classes, assets, textures, etcetera for anyone to build on, and contain clearly defined and outlined examples of stuff like menudef, player classes, basic weapons, near anything one would expect out of a "Doom Clone". Advanced users can also use it as a base so GZDoom doesn't scream about missing assets and is still playable without the developer needing to provide replacements early on.

Included with the .ipk3 will be Doom Builder configs, so Doom Builder can be used in tandem with it.


This will come after ZSDK.ipk3 is ready, but the idea here is an extremely beginner friendly slade like editor, one where you can just click a bunch of check boxes and it will generate lumps for you. I'm not that great of a programmer, so it will be slow. End goal will be to have support for every lump possible and have full .pk3 packaging and deployment. This isn't meant to be a competitor to Slade, as I personally think the program works just fine, just more addressing how the wiki is difficult for even veterans to figure out.

Right now I'm tossing this idea out and seeing what everyone thinks, I have a repository here and am welcome to suggestions, but I'll try to not sit on my ass and work on the whole thing myself.

Re: ZSDK Project

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:44 pm
by Galaxy_Stranger
Cool idea.

Re: ZSDK Project

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:48 pm
by kevansevans
Some examples of the textures I've added to the pack:

A lot more are to be added, a large focus of this is to allow near anything to be texture coded in some way. This is reflected on the door textures, stating that they are locked, and what sort of requirement is needed to unlock them.

Every asset will be crude and or gaudy on purpose. This is to encourage people to make their own assets, but I have no problems if people want to use my assets to make something :)