WADbot 2 - automated taking "good" screenshots

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Re: WADbot 2 - automated taking "good" screenshots

Postby JPL » Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:36 am

First of the new algo screenshots are starting to go up. My TODO for the remaining work:

- figure out how to take screenshot as soon as goodshot CCMD has done its thing
-- call screenshot and quit from end of goodshot code?
- take multiple shots from each map, eg best 3
- handle WAD/UDMF map lumps in PK3 files
- ability to point wadbot to an offline file, skipping web fetch steps
- detect & handle TNT, plutonia, heretic, and hexen maps too (texture references?) (for heretic and hexen maps, just check the idgames/ subdir they're found in!)
- sometimes choose an IWAD level, pull authors from a list
-- use a predefined list of authors for IWAD maps

TODO v3:
- build local database of maps from full idgames archive, choice() from that
-- how to get the idgames URL for a locally archived file? filename search? regex?
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