SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.2.0 (12/April/2022)

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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.2.0 (12/April/2022)

Post by Gez »

I don't think SLADE can convert lumps into font formats. It only handles fonts as images. You'd have to use another program to generate the font proper.
There's this (a bit old) and that (more recent) and also [wiki]ImageTool[/wiki] the original utility to convert graphical stuff to ZDoom's custom formats.
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Re: SLADE Discussion - Latest: v3.2.0 (12/April/2022)

Post by Jarewill »

Hello, I'm having some issues with SLADE currently.
I updated to the newest version (3.2.1), but I didn't like how it looked and performed, so I downgraded back to 3.1.9.
I used to have no issues with that version, however now it's working really poorly.

For example, using the search bar a few times breaks it:

Or when backing up in folder structure the list doesn't update unless I press the shift key.

I tried deleting all my settings and reinstalling SLADE, but neither fixed those issues.
I have no idea what I could do to fix it so I figured I might try asking here if anyone else has experienced such issues.

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