glDoom got updated, unofficially

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glDoom got updated, unofficially

Postby Redneckerz » Sun May 17, 2020 12:33 pm

Repost from: the equivalent Doomworld thread.


The story of glDoom is a weird one: Being the first OpenGL port for Doom, its source code got lost and was never retrieved, until April 2010, when glDoom reappeared on SourceForge. Over a year later, a DoomWorld thread appeared to discuss this.

The latest released version carries the label v0.95a.

Fast forward to April 2020. Exactly ten years after glDoom made an appearance on SourceForge, an unofficial update appeared on Github by Russian programmer Vsevolod Popov, aka RedPowar. He released versions 0.95b on April 4, and 0.95c on April 8, 2020.

They contain several improvements to the glDoom:
  • New floor/ceiling generation code (derived from Doom Legacy)
  • Aspect ratio fix (correct rendering on 16:9 displays). glDoom can now render for example in 1920x1080p resolution properly
  • Fixed invisible area culling (behind walls in sectors without ceiling)
  • Few bugfixes for buffer overflows & invalid memory pointers
In closing:
I think its rather neat (and a mere coincidence ofcourse) that this port has gotten an update to make it work with modern monitors, but also some actual new features aswell. glDoom is thus an interesting alternative to play Doom in OpenGL. (Well, strictly vanilla and with an old renderer, that is)

I figured this was also a tad interesting for ZDoom.

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