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Re: [Experimental] GZDoom-ZDRay - Compiled works and more

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:52 am
by Graf Zahl
That really looks amazing. Sadly, the engine as it is is not really suited for such intricate lighting because it's overstuffed with rendering features that only make sense in a low-tech environment.
Regarding ZDRay, please don't forget that this is abandoned work, it is very likely that there's limitations in the data formats that could be fixed if someone wanted to invest the work - but that alone also makes little sense as long as this sits in a retired work branch.

Re: [Experimental] GZDoom-ZDRay - Compiled works and more

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:19 am
by Steve5563
Thanks Graf, yea mate we are aware that ZDRay and the modified GZDoom engine are abandoned but we was not actually wanting to use zdray tool,
only the modified gzdoom engine for the light map capability which looks as tho you guys had it working rather well.
we was hoping that there was a 1% chance that it might be possible to still make a light map feature work with gzdoom after we abandoned the idea of baking lighting to HD textures ( mega textures = no vram left ).
we was thinking that if the light map could work we could somehow apply the light map textures manually to the levels geometry if that means less work for you guys on the programming side of things for gzdoom.
if i knew anything with programming i would love to help out in anyway i could but i know bugger all with that side of things.

also i was thinking while writing this reply is there another way that we could fake light maps, and use what gzdoom already has which is the bright map feature to do a similar thing?
would it be possible to tell gzdoom to make these specified bright map textures to only be used and placed manually on the maps geometry like we currently do with diffuse textures using GZDoom Builder?
would that be possible using a modified version of gzdoom builder that allows you to switch between diffuse texture mode (channel 1) and bright map mode ( channel 2) so we can move and scale these new bright maps to fit the maps geometry?
just a thought as a last hope in desperation for the ability to fake some global illumination in the levels that has little to no performance loss.
cheers mate.

Re: [Experimental] GZDoom-ZDRay - Compiled works and more

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:50 pm
by Gorman Frebmane
Dosen't the source engine handle this problem by having the pre-baked lightmaps as a seperate texture + having them extremely low resolution.
The resolution then gets a filter on top that smooths it out.

Pehaps the same idea could be applied to ZDRay. Considering doom's texture's however i think it would require some form of texture rendering rewrite or some shader magic?

Either way id like to hear a response.