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Re: RUDE: another Chocolate Doom fork (3.1.0pre8)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:18 pm
by Redneckerz
drfrag wrote:Torm made the LZDoom logo. Is a new logo really important? For an official release may be, we don't want to dissapoint Mr. Romero. :P

Well, yeah! Its clearly its own port, so why not? It would be ''rude'' not to. :lol:

Re: RUDE: another Chocolate Doom fork (3.1.0pre9)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:32 am
by drfrag
New release, we're at 3.1.0pre9. Now you can eat gore then low on health and pick up health and armor bonuses from player corpses in UM. Also i've fixed some bugs specially with backpacks. ... 3.1.0pre9c

Re: RUDE: another Chocolate Doom fork (3.1.0pre10)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:34 pm
by drfrag
3.1.0pre10 is up.
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* - Now players can only pick up their own backpacks in coop. Also you can recover your lost backpack (unescapable pits) after a failed drop.
* - Disable some menus while recording demos and don't pause the game.
* - Fixed missing return, the fix for ESC not closing the chat was wrong.
* - Fixed netgame desync when the server was recording an extended demo. ... .1.0pre10b

I recorded a video of a demo so now you can see how badly we suck and enjoy the low quality of the video lol. I must be careful to avoid killing the other guy (my nephew). With a lot of simmetry (copy-pasta) i find these levels hard to navigate. 

Re: RUDE: another Chocolate Doom fork (3.1.0pre10)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 10:40 am
by drfrag
I uploaded pre10c to fix MP demos, bonuses from dead players broke them so i reverted the feature. Oops. ... .1.0pre10c

Re: RUDE: another Chocolate Doom fork (3.1.0pre11)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 12:47 pm
by drfrag
I've just released pre11 mainly to add support for the Unity iwads. Also some more things:
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* Support for Unity IWADs with widescreen assets (SmileTheory).
 * Add FPS counter (AlexMax).
 * Always precache sounds (fabian, guarded with -noprecachesounds).
 * Display tally screen after ExM8 (Crispy).
 * Allow skipping the Doom finales.
 * Add the -noumskill parameter to prevent showing UM in the menu. ... 3.1.0pre11

I've added an sponsors button to my repository (Ko-fi and Liberapay same as for LZDoom), unfortunately i still don't have a job and i'll need help this month to keep the projects going on and well to live. My town was confined last week and now the region where i live too. Looks like a ghost town. Also i've had some bad days and when i'm depressed i don't feel like talking to anyone. I know i should upload videos or something to Ko-fi but i haven't done it yet. Thanks!