[UPDATED] ZDoom32 2.8.6a (ZDoom is undead)

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Re: [UPDATED] ZDoom32 2.8.6a (ZDoom is undead)

Postby Redneckerz » Sun Jan 02, 2022 12:17 pm

drfrag wrote:I replied on Discord.
It's based on a ZDoom from december 2016 before ZScript, so compatibility is between GZDoom 2.2 and 2.3
ZZDoom is based on 2.4.0
About vita no idea, was ZDoom ported to the vita? If it was it should be portable as well

ZDoom was ported to the OpenPandora (ARM-based) so i figure Vita would be fine too.

In fact, i think even a version of GZDoom may have a shot of succeeding considering Vita is one of the few homebrew platforms that has a custom OpenGL implementation made for it, called VitaGL. You will likely have to look at either GZDoom 1.8.x or an early GZDoom 2.x (Max OpenGLES 2.x support i believe) - https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/vitaGL

There is also Piglet, which aims for OpenGLES 2.0 compatibility - https://forum.devchroma.nl/index.php?topic=294.0
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