UI events are only sent to things when ticks happen

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UI events are only sent to things when ticks happen

Postby Gutawer » Thu Jun 23, 2022 2:27 pm

I don't know exactly where this would be characterised between "bug" and "feature request", but essentially I think it's pretty unexpected behaviour that due to the way D_DoomLoop is written, menus and event handlers don't actually get events such as mouse movement as they happen, but they instead queue up until the ticker is run. Especially now that menus can be run at uncapped framerates with the game still paused, this creates an essentially arbitrary restriction that means that menus can't run as smoothly as they should be able to - 35 FPS is pretty noticeable jerky in some contexts.

It'd be better if things like menus got UI events instantly, so that they can be made as smooth as wanted.
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