[ZScript] Crash with multiple assignment expression

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[ZScript] Crash with multiple assignment expression

Post by Player701 »

From here. The following ZScript will cause GZDoom to crash with a very fatal error during compilation:

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class Test
    private int Test1()
        return 0;
    private void Test2()
        int x;
        [x] = Test1();

Note the square brackets in this line of code: [x] = Test1();. Removing them fixes the crash. The compiler should either ignore these brackets altogether, or treat them as a syntax error.

The crash happens here: TArray<ExpEmit,ExpEmit>::operator[](...) returned nullptr. The crash still happens even if the function being called actually returns multiple values.

Tested in GZDoom 4.8.0 and g4.9pre-13-g972e9cba0.
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Re: [ZScript] Crash with multiple assignment expression

Post by Graf Zahl »

It now emits an error

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