EPIC 2 MAP20: 100% kills not possible

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EPIC 2 MAP20: 100% kills not possible

Postby Player701 » Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:53 am

It appears that 100% kills cannot be obtained in EPIC 2 MAP20 in GZDoom. This map uses a death exit, and there are 2 monsters in the exit area: an arch-vile and a cyberdemon. In PrBoom-Plus, teleporting into the exit area kills the player, the arch-vile, and (after a short delay) the cyberdemon before the level ends; in GZDoom, however, the arch-vile dies but the cyberdemon does not.

To reproduce, get EPIC 2 and go to MAP20 (any skill level), then issue console command:

Code: Select allExpand view
special Teleport 0 47

Watch the kill counter: it will increase by 1, and the level will end shortly thereafter. In PrBoom-Plus, however, teleporting into this area increments the kill counter twice before the level ends.

Interestingly enough, issuing the resurrect console command after getting killed will result in the cyberdemon dying as it should.

Tested in GZDoom 4.6.1 and g4.7.0pre-204-gdb59a4f9a.
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