[4.6.0 onwards] Broken lump filtering

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[4.6.0 onwards] Broken lump filtering

Post by Kostov »

Test file

The filter folder (hexen.hexen) in the test file and its contents seems to be ignored by the engine. However, according to the console log, the lumps inside are found and loaded, but the game doesn't do anything with them:

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Re: [4.6.0 onwards] Broken lump filtering

Post by Accensus »

The screenshot is of my console where I used a modified test file, so the attached file above might not match the lump count compared to the screenshot, but it's nevertheless just as valid. All I did was add zscript.zsc with a test actor to filter/hexen.hexen/ to test if the actor would spawn, but the engine didn't recognize the class. Whatever this is, it broke sometime between 4.5.0 and 4.6.0.

Tried renaming hexen.hexen to just hexen and also game-hexen. Neither worked.
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Re: [4.6.0 onwards] Broken lump filtering

Post by Warden »


Looks like Graf already fixed this so you won't need to do a workaround in the next release.

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