Items with KEEPDEPLETED flag are not darkened in inventory

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Items with KEEPDEPLETED flag are not darkened in inventory

Postby Virathas » Mon Jul 05, 2021 5:34 am


I am not sure if this is a design change at some point (when moving from SBARINFO into Zscript), however, any inventory items that are depleted and have the KEEPDEPLETED flag active, will be displayed in inventory the same way as if the player had 1 use of the item.

In SBARINFO it displays darkened in inventory bar and has the value of 0 items.

This issue started occuring at least as early as GZDoom 3.2.5, and is still present on the 4.6.0.

How to quickly see the issue:

1. Create a simple inventory item i.e.
Code: Select allExpand view
Actor NewArtiHealth : ArtiHealth replaces ArtiHealth

2. Launch Hexen IWAD along with this item
3. Summon one of the new items
4. Get damaged and use the item
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