Increased menu spacing messes with some mods

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Increased menu spacing messes with some mods

Postby Yarn366 » Wed Jun 09, 2021 1:32 am

The increased spacing between menu items in Doom (which I understand was done to accommodate localized text) is slightly messing up the episode selection and difficulty selection menus in some WADs.

Here are examples from REKKR. Here, the graphics that normally serve as the "Which Episode?" and "Choose Skill Level:" text are also boxes meant to contain the episode and skill names. Notice how the menu items fit neatly inside the boxes in DOS, but not in GZDoom.


Here is another example from Plutonia 2. This time, every text graphic for the skill selection screen includes a piece of the menu box, which should be contiguous. This isn't the case with GZDoom due to its extra menu spacing.

I'm aware that GZDoom has two main menus for Doom: one for when only graphics are used (using the original spacing), and another for when text is used (using the increased spacing). Perhaps this could also be done for the episode and difficulty selection menus?
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