partial invisibility and render artifacts

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partial invisibility and render artifacts

Postby drfrag » Thu May 20, 2021 11:22 am

Copied from another topic about a different issue.
It happens since this commit ... 96921a24e8
Tested with gzdoom-x64-g4.6pre-257-g98a9729da.7z
It's specially noticeable with gl_fuzztype 4 but also happens with most of them (with type 6 is not as frequent but seems that shooting helps). There are random white dots and vertical lines.
To reproduce give yourself partial invisibility and summon a spectre at the start of MAP01.
Player701 wrote:[*]With gl_fuzztype set to either 3 of 4, invisible monster sprites seem to display random white dots instead of white vertical lines. This behavior was reproduced both on my desktop PC and on my laptop. It appears, however, that the amount of dots is somewhat less on the laptop than on the desktop. Note that on both machines, GZDoom runs in the native Full HD (1920x1080) screen resolution.
[*]With gl_fuzztype set to either 3 of 4, weapon sprites display random white vertical lines, as described in my previous post, only on my desktop PC. I could not reproduce the vertical lines on my laptop.[/list]
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