Fullscreen HUD's Key icons overlaps the Frag count in Doom

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Fullscreen HUD's Key icons overlaps the Frag count in Doom

Postby DoomTheRobot » Mon Mar 22, 2021 2:23 am

I can't find any options or forum threads about this, so I assume this is a bug...
Tested on Windows 10, on the latest version, 4.5.0.

In Deathmatch games, the key/skull icons displays on top of the frag count on the Fullscreen HUD. They both are displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

To easily recreate this:
  1. Play any Doom IWAD/WAD (that doesn't modify the Fullscreen HUD)
  2. Start a Deathmatch game, easiest way is use console command "map map01 dm"
  3. Enable the Fullscreen HUD
  4. Look at the top right corner

The following screenshots below are just me and a bot, but it obviously applies to DM games with real players as well.
Here is a screenshot with me at 2 frags. You really can't see the number here.

Here is another screenshot with me at 21 frags. You can kind of see the number peeking out now.

And finally, here's a screenshot with me at 6 frags, but I enabled cheats and used the "take keys" command to show the frag count in it's full glory.

In games like Heretic and Hexen, it's neatly placed to the right of the player's health. In Strife it's (very terribly I might add) on the top left corner. What all the other games have in common however is that they no longer display the keys in Deathmatch games. I'm mentioning this because I think the best way to fix this is just simply remove the key icons similarly to how all the other games in GZDoom do so.

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