ZScript Multiple return values crash

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ZScript Multiple return values crash

Postby RaveYard » Sat Mar 13, 2021 8:17 am

summon crasher twice to cause crash in GZDoom.

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class Dummy
   String text;

   static Dummy Create(String s)
      let t = new('Dummy');
      t.text = s;
      return t;

class Crasher : Actor
   // This one is fine
   static Dummy, Dummy MakePair()
      return Dummy.Create("First"), Dummy.Create("Second");

   // Something goes horribly wrong when this is used
   static Dummy, Dummy ReturnMagic()
      return MakePair();

   Dummy a, b;
         TNT1 A 0 nodelay {
            [a, b] = ReturnMagic();

            Console.Printf("A: %p, B: %p", a, b);
         TNT1 A 0 {
            // Crashes only when split into another function
            Console.Printf("%s", b ? b.text : "(B is empty)");

It once crashed durring startup, but I can't reproduce that. Might be unrelated.
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