Some bugs with No Rest for the Living

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Some bugs with No Rest for the Living

Postby Yarn366 » Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:12 pm

These aren't really bugs with the levels themselves, but rather with the menu when NERVE.WAD is loaded.

(I verified these using the February 8 development build (gzdoom-x64-g4.6pre-95-ge0e0fb0d8), but nearly all of them also happen in the release builds.)

  • If the BFG, Unity, or Xbox version of Doom II is used, then the episode names don't get translated because their episode definitions have normal strings for names instead of pointers to language.csv. The exception here is that the Unity version does use a pointer for No Rest for the Living, but not for Hell on Earth.
  • If the Unity version of Doom II is used, then the main Doom II episode is incorrectly labeled as "Knee-Deep in the Dead". This is because the episode definition uses the M_EPI1 lump for the label, but Unity DOOM2.WAD reverted M_EPI1 and M_EPI2 to what they were in the DOS version ("Knee-Deep in the Dead" and "The Shores of Hell").
  • The episode definitions for the Xbox version of Doom II (and I'm assuming it's for the version for the original Xbox, not Xbox 360) use the M_EPI1 and M_EPI2 lumps for Hell on Earth and No Rest for the Living, respectively. However, I highly doubt this is appropriate since that version was released before NRFTL, so it seems unlikely that those lumps were changed for that version. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the Xbox version, so I can't verify this myself. EDIT: I noticed that this has already been addressed by filtering out those lumps and providing appropriate ones in game_support.pk3. Never mind this one then.
  • If the Unity version of No Rest for the Living is loaded, then the title and intermission backgrounds that it includes replace those from Doom II, which shouldn't happen. (It's fine for that intermission background to be used for NRFTL, but not Hell on Earth.)
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