[Strife] First dialogue sound won't play in ending sequence

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[Strife] First dialogue sound won't play in ending sequence

Postby FishyClockwork » Mon Feb 01, 2021 2:40 am

Tested with 4.5.0 and
g4.6pre-78-g21d9a42d3 64bit

For some reason, the first dialogue in one of Strife's endings that you hear after killing the Entity won't play at all.
(Either the "happy" ending or the "mediocre" ending.)
The death-ending (when you die during the fight) works as normal, however.

To test, run Strife, go to MAP29, summon and kill EntitySecond.
or run this command line:
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gzdoom.exe -iwad strife1 +map map29 +summon entitysecond +kill entitysecond
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