New Raven scrollers have hugely mismatching speeds

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New Raven scrollers have hugely mismatching speeds

Postby Kzer-Za » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:57 am

At lest East-West speeds. By "new" I mean when the option "Raven scrollers use original speed" is disabled (which it is by default).

See the test map attached.

As you can see, all the sectors scrolling east and west have equal lengths. I have tested their speed by standing at the beginning of the sector and measuring how long it takes for the sector to carry the player to the end:

Carry_East5 - 35 seconds
Carry_West5 - 26 seconds

Carry_East10 - 45 seconds (!)
Carry_West10 - 13 seconds (!)

Carry_East25 - 22 seconds (!)
Carry_West25 - 5 seconds (!)

Carry_East30 - 10 seconds
Carry_West30 - 5 seconds

Carry_East35 - 5 seconds
Carry_West35 - 3 seconds

Of course, my measurements may not be 100% correct, but when the difference is 10, or even 5 seconds, 1-second error hardly matters.

And of course, I can just enable the option "Raven scrollers use original speed" (then their east-west speeds match), but then wouldn't it be better to change the default for this option to "enabled"? Since the new behavior can kind of break the gameplay of some maps, where Carry_East25 is supposed to be ~4 times faster than it is now (with this option disabled).
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Re: New Raven scrollers have hugely mismatching speeds

Postby Graf Zahl » Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:34 am

That compatibility option was a bit poorly implemented for Heretic scrollers - it was only done for those which actually scroll, but most directions don't.
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