Playerpawn truecolor bug(?)

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Playerpawn truecolor bug(?)

Postby Somagu » Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:10 pm

There's some oddities going on with player sprite paletting ever since GZDoom version 4.4.0. This example persists, to some degree, through each and every hardware renderer, be it OpenGL, Vulkan, or Softpoly. Software renderer and truecolor SW renderer have no such problem. Version 4.3.3 behaves exactly as expected, and colors behave normally.

I apologize for not having a more "neutral" use case example, but it's the first one that I noticed. Pictured is an example, and attached is a light-weight runnable pk3 that includes a playerpawn and a regular actor using the exact same sprites, despite the colors clearly being different. (Mod is not mine, obviously, and I violently hacked it apart to make a runnable example. Apologies to all parties. It functions and I'm not savvy enough to write up a working use-case example for this from scratch.)

[edit]I realize, at this point, that I was in such a hurry to post this that I forgot to clarify any real expected vs actual behavior.

What I expect is for the player sprites to appear in proper true color, rather than being seemingly forced into a palette.
4.4.0, as described, forces player sprites to arbitrarily be palettized, rather than being true color.
4.3.3 allowed for player sprites to be true color, as in expected behavior.
To reiterate, I'm only posting this because, as a user, I noticed this change between stable versions. I recognize the distinct possibility there's some flag that would fix this that isn't being used.

[edit 2]It's looking like 4.3.3 had incorrect or otherwise unexpected behavior all along, and +DONTTRANSLATE should be used for this, but I'm nonetheless wondering if true color sprites should be forced into a palette for players specifically at all? Sorry to waste anyone's time, at any rate.
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