The Poly Object Door problem

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The Poly Object Door problem

Postby Rick4574 » Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:55 pm

Hello all you Doom Gurus!

Here, I have an example of a 3D Floor Door vs a Poly Object Door.

The example here is for Doom 2, map 01.
It was built with Ultimate Doom Builder rev 3530 64 bit, and Tested with GZDoom v 4.5 64 bit

I now present to you, the problem with poly object doors.

The problem is, is that the poly object door, acts as if it is on all three floor levels.

I have purposely delayed the return closing of the poly object door, to give you enough time to take the lift
to each floor level, to see if you can pass through the area where the poly door is.

Try to see if, on all three floor levels, you can pass through the same area where the poly object door is, while
it is closed.

Then, repeat this test with the poly object door open.

You'll see this issue.

By the way, to open all doors, use the dooor switches on the walls next to them.

Can the great guru's of ZDoom resolve this issue??

I would love to see an example, with a fix!!

Best of luck!
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