extended dehacked woes

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extended dehacked woes

Postby Tempest Goodlock » Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:54 pm


I've recently completed a compilation of the first five Doomer Boards Projects using the extended Dehacked frames/things/etc. from Doom Retro to incorporate the replacement sprites from the original wads without overriding the IWAD versions. The problem is, using GZDoom 4.4.2 as downloaded yesterday (x64 Ubuntu version) they don't display properly (this is MAP31):

https://static.doomworld.com/monthly_20 ... 10de6e.png

What the scene should look like is this -- note all the extra trees on top of the cliffs (achieved by incorporating a DECORATE lump defining the new actors):

https://static.doomworld.com/monthly_20 ... 88ec24.png

They are present and correct in Crispy so it's not an error on my end.

Here's the file (includes the DECORATE lump):

https://www.mediafire.com/file/cmfw4jwf ... 9.zip/file

Tempest Goodlock

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