TAG 667 not activated thru MAPINFO with same replacements

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TAG 667 not activated thru MAPINFO with same replacements

Postby drfrag » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:13 am

There's a problem in MAP07 when you replace both monster types with barons, then only tag 666 is activated. It happens with MAPINFO and a custom skill but not with DECORATE.
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skill doggie

   ReplaceActor = "Arachnotron", "BaronOfHell"
   ReplaceActor = "Fatso", "BaronOfHell"
   SpawnFilter = Hard
   Name = "Doggie"

SetReplacement is called from ParseActorHeader and ZCCDoomCompiler::InitDefaults when substitutions are performed via DECORATE or ZScript i believe.
Proposed fix:
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diff --git a/src/playsim/p_enemy.cpp b/src/playsim/p_enemy.cpp
index cc54174d1..fd71e8321 100644
--- a/src/playsim/p_enemy.cpp
+++ b/src/playsim/p_enemy.cpp
@@ -3153,13 +3153,17 @@ void A_BossDeath(AActor *self)
    if (Level->flags & LEVEL_MAP07SPECIAL)
+      PClassActor *fatso = PClass::FindActor(NAME_Fatso);
+      PClassActor *arachnotron = PClass::FindActor(NAME_Arachnotron);
+      bool samereplacement = fatso->GetReplacement(Level) == arachnotron->GetReplacement(Level);
       if (type == NAME_Fatso)
          Level->EV_DoFloor (DFloor::floorLowerToLowest, NULL, 666, 1., 0, -1, 0, false);
-         return;
+         if (!samereplacement)
+            return;
-      if (type == NAME_Arachnotron)
+      if (type == NAME_Arachnotron || samereplacement)
          Level->EV_DoFloor (DFloor::floorRaiseByTexture, NULL, 667, 1., 0, -1, 0, false);
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