Sector special colors (sprite) decal coloring

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Sector special colors (sprite) decal coloring

Postby grahf78 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:35 am

Hi, I previously posted this in the feature suggestion forums but I think this is an actual bug in the implementation.

[*]If sprite sector special color is used, decals retain their original color, giving them a glowing look. This becomes more noticeable if I load a mod such as Nashgore, which spawns blood sprites and models in floors.

This is what I mean:

How they look like without any lighting:

I believe it should work like when regular sector coloring is used, where the decals are actually painted according to the sector color. Except this time, they should obey the sprite lighting special color.

I add a wad that exemplifies this. The sector to the west has purple sprite lighting, and the sector to the right has purple sector lighting.
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