Monsters shoot down at corpses during firing animation

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Monsters shoot down at corpses during firing animation

Postby rileymartin » Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:50 pm

Here's a little quirk I've noticed while playing map04 in Stardate 20x6. The start has like 20 Imps with their backs towards you and you're able to alert a Mancubus and bait him into killing most of the Imps. In GL/PRBoom+ with Boom compatibility, the Mancubus will infight with an Imp and fire any extra shots straight ahead if the Imp dies during the first or second hit of his 3-shot volley. In GZDoom 4.2 with Boom(strict) compatiblity, the Mancubus aims downwards to shoot the dead Imp's corpse in the same situation. This makes it more difficult to bait the Mancubus into infighting due to the fireballs hitting the floor and not flying straight to hit more Imps.

I cooked up a small demo map to see if this also affect the Cyberdemon shooting at Revenants on an even floor. Again, in GLBoom+ the extra rockets fly straight during a volley after overkilling a Revenant, while in GZDoom in Boom(strict) the Cyberdemon aims down his rockets towards the corpse. This is potentially a big deal during infighting situations as you want the Cyber to be shooting parallel to the floor instead of potentially hitting you with splash by aiming down at a nearby corpse.
Here is the example map in question: ... t.wad/file
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