[??-g20b6395cf]Use after free with HUDMessages and DoomRPG

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[??-g20b6395cf]Use after free with HUDMessages and DoomRPG

Postby Edward-san » Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:08 pm

Yes, it's the same bug as here, as apparently not everything is fixed. I managed to make gzdoom crash again with a more recent build. See this report from the address sanitizer:


How to reproduce this (happens by trial and error): load the same save file from the other bug report, then bind two keys to 'mdk' and 'summon cyberdemon', then press the key for 'mdk', then after a few moments (like half a second) press the key for 'summon cyberdemon', then again, after a few moments, 'mdk' and repeat. It will crash in a way or in another.
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