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[GZ 4.1.3] UMAPINFO: InterMusic inconsistencies

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:41 pm
by Shadow Hog
UMAPINFO has an InterMusic keyword, intended for playing specific music over text screens (e.g. "You have entered deeply into the infested starport...") instead of D_READ_M. Indeed in PrBoom+/UMAPINFO, that is exactly what happens; the music specified only plays during that screen. In GZDoom, however, that music plays during the end-of-level stats screen as well, which is not expected behavior.

Relatedly, if InterMusic is not defined, D_DM2INT (or D_INTER in the case of a Doom [1]-based PWAD) continues to play; the expected behavior is that D_READ_M (or D_VICTOR as relevant) will play, as per the UMAPINFO spec.

Here is a ZIP file containing three WADs. Only UMAPINFOBugExample.wad is particularly relevant to this report (the others are relevant to other UMAPINFO-related reports). MAP10 has an InterMusic defined, while you can see what happens when InterMusic is not defined on maps 04, 07 and 09. To quickly reach MAP10, take three secret exits. To quickly reach MAP04, take three normal exits. This should illustrate both undesirable effects.