[g3.4pre-295-g10b869ba11]Hi-res midtex collision is way off

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[g3.4pre-295-g10b869ba11]Hi-res midtex collision is way off

Postby Xane123 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:20 pm

I was testing my game and found myself hitting invisible collision above lights way below me, which had transparent mid-textures floating around them to fake glass. These had walkable mid-textures enabled, but this bug went away after I removed that flag from the linedefs, but this only started happening after I made the texture hi-res using the HiRes folder in my PK3.

I made a WAD for Doom II that demonstrates this bug; When the map starts, run and jump forward and you'll land on invisible collision that doesn't match where the metal textures below you are placed. Fall off the invisible collision and you'll land on metal textures that aren't hi-res, which are there just to prove this only affects textures that have a HiRes override. I didn't put this in OpenGL renderer bugs because the collision being this out of position is a bug that affects all of the renderers and the collision should be at the same places the SILVER texture is.

This bug's appearance varies between renderers, too; In the OpenGL renderer, the hi-res texture is placed where the collision should be, but in the software renderer it's placed visually where the wrong collision is. In the SoftPoly renderer, the texture isn't rendered at all, leaving just the collision. Here's videos of the three renderer types:

Here's the map that demonstrates this bug. (If the limit here is still 256KB, I know this wouldn't fit here.)
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