[Duplicate] [GZDoom g2.2pre-2123-g8b7a87f] Game randomly crashes!!

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[GZDoom g2.2pre-2123-g8b7a87f] Game randomly crashes!!

Postby hfc2x » Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:56 pm

As the title says, the game crashes very randomly.

I was updating my Quake 2 weapons mod to use Anonymous Functions and finally implement other Quake 2 features that were still missing, but for some reason, GZDoom keeps on crashing randomly, and not giving any hint as to what is causing problems at all. I have double checked to see if there's an error in my scripts, because the crashes seem to be related to the use of Anonymous Functions on the Machinegun and Chaingun.. but the thing is that GZDoom crashes even on a normal exit, even when I haven't done anything in-game.

Here's the in-progress version of the mod, which uses anonymous functions: Qua.pk3 - 25.21MB (this is just the core file, and additional files can be downloaded from the mod's thread).

The crash report attached is from one of those times the game has randomly crashed after I didn't do anything at all. I simply started the game on map Q2DM11, IDKFA, selected the Chaingun (weapon 5) and quit the game normally via the menu. GZDoom crashed.
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Re: [GZDoom g2.2pre-2123-g8b7a87f] Game randomly crashes!!

Postby Leonard2 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:09 pm

Sounds exactly like this one.
In both cases it would be extremely helpful to reduce this down as much as possible to an example wad.
It would also be cool if people did proper zdoom reports on the zdoom forum instead of gzdoom ones because not everyone here builds gzdoom and is able to use its crash reports..
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