Reviver_Series_Death_Match_2(RvrSsDM2)|Doom 2|2-4 Players

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Reviver_Series_Death_Match_2(RvrSsDM2)|Doom 2|2-4 Players

Postby Reviver » Fri Jan 28, 2022 1:53 am

In the wastelands, near a secluded area, lies a place that is rumored to be a sanctuary for demons.
Often serene, in its own strange way, is a shrine where it is said magic rituals are performed stylized in the dark arts.
Items from humans have appeared within this zone, including weapons and equipment that once belonged to human soldiers.
Though this ground is, if the legends are true, sacred to evil entities that are not entirely human, there exists intelligence
that suggests that violence involving destructive powers has occurred inside the boundaries of this obscured area. . . .

Made for 2-4 players.

Weapons: Shotgun; Super Shotgun, Chain Gun, Rocket Launcher, and Plasma Gun

Items: Green Armor; Backpack; (6x) Sim Pack

Deathmatch Starts: 10

Download link for the curious: previews available at this URL)
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