The Refinery - Trinity | Remaster | RC2 in development

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The Refinery - Trinity | Remaster | RC2 in development

Postby Tormentor667 » Sun Dec 19, 2021 9:37 am

Fellow Doomers, as I have already promised in my Farewell article some months ago, there won't be any new projects from my side. Still, there are a few things that I want to sort out from time to time when it comes to already released maps and mods. With Austerity, Sapphire and The City of the Damned, some of the old gems already got this treatment. With the new version of The Refinery, I want to do something similar, as I think (and a lot of other people as well) there is room for improvements. So what's new?

Changes for v2.0 RC1
  • Added dynamic lights to improve the atmosphere
  • Replaced texture lighting to wallsprite lighting
  • Improved gameplay (made both playthroughs much easier)
  • Added a custom status bar
  • Added new graphics (widescreen compatible)
  • Added brightmaps
  • Improved effects (fire, smoke, explosions)
  • Improved monsters (e.g. Bload, Vore)
  • Improved textures (e.g. removed the tasteless Gez easteregg)
  • Added some hires-replacements for graphics and
  • New ending sequence (including a Cast Call)
  • New graphic screens (help and credits)
  • Fixed countless misalignments and bugs from the original release
  • And many more cosmetic improvements

Changes for v2.0 RC2
  • Improved skill 1 and 2 in creating a chroniclaly linear but unique experience
  • Added skill 3 (as a third playthrough variant, with a totally different route and mechanic)
  • Replaced Pustules with FleshSpawns
  • Replaced Daedabus with Hectebus
  • Replaced Trite with ImpHead
  • Removed ZSPecOps, Agaures and Railgunzombies (to reduce variety of monsters)
  • Added secrets and structural changes to skill 2
  • Added various texture replacements for liquids, flesh, sand and rock

This is still a bit from being totally finished, so if you want to contribute with feedback or improvements, please let me know - I am eager to hear what you think about the changes and additions that have been made.

Before sharing the download, I want to give big thanks and kudos to salahmander2 and Ozymandias81 who have been an amazing help and support for the new remaster of The Refinery. Thanks a lot, this wouldn't have been possible with your interest and dedication in remastering this old gem.

Download RC1: ... 1.pk3/file
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Re: The Refinery | Remaster | RC1 released, RC2 prepared

Postby neoworm » Sun Dec 26, 2021 1:09 pm

Is there download for RC2? I tried RC1 and my main problem is too many custom monsters, some of the zombies are quite similar making it feel unfair when you miss the few pixels that help you tell apart "harmless" shotgunner from certain other zombieman that can wipe you in seconds.

Also since jumping is enabled I tried to jump over the fence at the chaingun area and voilá I got chaingun early. But on the second playtrhough with the plasma I've done the same and also found bunch of trites facing away and deactivated, which I presume is not intended.
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Re: The Refinery | Remaster | RC1 released, RC2 in preparati

Postby Tormentor667 » Sun Dec 26, 2021 3:12 pm

Thanks for the feedback. RC2 is still in development, I most propably didn't write that clear enough. For RC2, I already removed several enemies and narrowed the cast of enemies. Thanks for the hint with the chaingun, I just fixed that in my current development build.
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Re: The Refinery - Trinity | Remaster | RC2 in development

Postby doomfighter66742278 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 2:27 pm

very cool i really love the refinery is very cool to see a remaster
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