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Death March: A FPS i made in 7 days.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2021 3:04 am
by sergeirocks100


A while ago, i heard about Nash's Elderjam project.

Feeling inspired, i decided to give my own shot at making a FPS in a limited time frame, 7 days in this case.

I started work on November 2nd, and i finished it around midnight on the 8th/9th.

There's 4 maps included, and i'm willing to add more if there's demand.

This was developed for and tested with GZDoom, it might work in LZDoom and Zandronum as well, but i haven't tested it with those ports.

This is meant to be played in the hardware renderer, with jumping and crouching enabled.

There are probably bugs and mistakes, so if you find any, let me know.


Your name is James Wright, and you work as a security guard in a classified industrial compound.

Interested in trade secrets and your company's inner workings, aliens and robots contracted by your competitors have staged a invasion to take them by force.

Even worse, it happened during a day off, meaning that you're the only person there.

Can you fend off the invasion, and protect your company's classified assets?






IPK3 Only:

Mapping Config: