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RAMPART - An integrator for Doom community projects

PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:49 pm
by DavidN
RAMPART is a PHP webapp that I created for running RAMP because I wanted to invent a new, easier way of managing large community projects. It takes a lot of the manual work out of herding your contributors and making sure everyone's submissions are up to date.


I'm calling the current version a beta and I'm currently in search of a client to test the code out on a project that I don't have direct control over :)

For submissions, RAMP lets you:
- Manage vanilla, Boom or UDMF projects - or a mix of map formats in a single project
- Have a central place for mappers to submit new maps and updates (no scouring through forum threads for updates and submissions!)
- Either define your map slots first and assign them to people, or have a free-for-all hub-style project where map slots are automatically created
- Choose what kind of content you want to allow - a project can have just new maps, or new sprites, textures, sound and scripting madness
- Include your own fixed content to be bundled into the project (such as texture packs, a hub map, etc)

Projects can be:
- Built and downloaded on demand - you don't have to update a master copy yourself, RAMPART will compile all submitted maps into a single project when anything changes.
- Generated in either WAD or PK3 format

Technical stuff:
- Lightweight with no dependencies! Runs entirely as its own set of PHP and JS scripts
- No database required either - all data handling is through the filesystem

The code is available at and anyone is welcome to contribute or port it as they want.

If you have a community project in flight or just starting, I would be glad to host an instance for you, give you the reins and work with you to support what your project needs.