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Re: Castlevania 3 For Simons Destiny v2.0 TC Updated 10/17/2

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 10:49 pm
by tsukiyomaru0
kalensar wrote:
tsukiyomaru0 wrote:So, I've noticed something about a certain boss... The Creature and Igor. The boss fight is WAY too overwhelming with no protection and pretty much demands you have the Holy Water to be able to stunlock The Creature.

My suggestion? Add a couple shelves to the room, a surgery table and/or a desk to allow us to hide from Igor's knife spam attack.

Another thing: Make sure the autosave kicks in before entering the boss room or that there's a health item during the boss, because entering a boss fight at half health is.... incredibly harsh.

I appreciate your comment, but there is a slight problem: This a mod for Simon's Destiny. That fight you are referrring to is the Map 04 boss fight of the vanilla game. That fight actually never shows up in this mod! The only fight I have on that map that is not random is on Difficulty 1 :What Is a Man, and it is a replica of the Simulacrum/ Dopplerganger fight featuring the evil Alucard boss and the Fallen Archmage. My fight is harder in its own way, but also much easier than the orginal Creature fight. Igor is so BAD that I purposely omitted him from all aspects of my mod= you will ever see him in this mod due to his difficulty.

Now for play advice on that Vanilla fight! Yes, the Holy water is a good choice, but the best options are the Stop Watch and Boomerang Cross. The Creature and Igor are not immune to TimeStop. The Boomerang Cross can do more damage than the Holy Water. The Real MVP of that fight is actually the AXE. The Axe is stupid powerful in that game all around to make up for its lack of range. If you look down a bit and aim toward the floor, so that it can get more bounces , then you can kill Creature with about 5 axes if you are accurate.

In order to avoid damage the most in that fight you must use the Ancient Technique of Doom passed down by generations of Doomers from Time Immemorial, and rumored to be taught by Sandy Petersen: The ancient power of wisdom called the Circle Strafe.

Oh, my bad, was a little bit sleepy at the time of writing.

Re: Castlevania 3 For Simons Destiny v2.0 TC Updated 10/17/2

PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2021 4:04 am
by kalensar
11/20/21--- Added a tiny QoL update of accurate Inventory counts on items. Sorry this one was overlooked for so long.