Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

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Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

Postby kalensar » Sat Jul 10, 2021 11:29 pm


Here's the download : ... ns-destiny


UPDATED WITH A TEXTURE PACK THAT kills all the green blocks. dltp_-_doom_lowres_texture_pack.

7/11-21---- Added Music and updated assorted small things.
7/4/21--- Official Release


Advanced engine needed : GZDOOM
Primary purpose : Single player addon for Castlevania Simon's Destiny

Title : Castlevania 3 for Simon's Destiny

Author : Kalensar
Other Files By Author : LTTD:Link to the Doom and LTTD for Heretic; Doom Thoth ; Perfect Dark Brutal Doom, SMEXUNMON, Doom ReBUVRO

Misc. Author Info : Rabid Editor

Description : TC Monsters and Weapons pack for CastleVania Simon's Destiny

Link to the Doom
This is an Addon mod for Castlevania Simon's Destiny and Doom2. Load Doom2 as the IWAD first then Simon's Destiny and then this PK3 otherwise it will not work as intended.

Simon's Quest in Castlevania 3 for Simon's Destiny is much more than how it sounds. It brings the Characters of Castlevania 3 to the table along with new monsters, new difficulty settings, and new abilities unique to each character. Blood Moon and Symphony of the Night difficulty monsters will be more deadly due to the new difficulty settings. The new Monsters
run on a randomizer geared for each one it's relative best area to spawn. This mod brings new weapons that every character can equip provided the randomizer is nice to you.

ABOUT THE GAME: --- My Advice: This mod has a custom difficulty settings.
It is HARD even to me as it's creator.

If you want the most balanced experience then start as Lincoln because his Shield will give you plenty of breathing room.

Enable Jumping and Crouching. Break every Candle and odd block you come across because they are the source of weapons.

All Starter Weapon ALtfires are use of the current Subweapon. BIND A RELOAD KEY because many Starter weapons, not all, have an extra ability.

THere are now 2 HUD types: Diablo HUD as the classic bar, and Simon's Destiny on the Alt HUD (turn off the GZdoom Alternate HUD off. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to pick which one you want.

Set a Chasecam Button: I've tried my best to make this fun as a Third Person game as well.

All treasure is Randomized.

Every Character has a Hexen style class: This means you'll run across armor that is kept and added onto the Doom styled armor. This is all read on the Blue sphere on the right hand side: Armor, Armor Class, Armor Save%

Everybody can use every weapon. Each weapon generally only uses Hearts on their Altfires, except the Big F Book.

Be careful: Simon's Quest is the Hardest episode due to it being what it is. It is the most scenic rewarding and difficult to beat.

Episode CV3: Draculas Curse--- This is the longest episode containing 4 maps then going to Draculas Castle:
1.Afortess( The Overrun)-- An Assault on a city overrun with Draculas minions
2.Gargan(The search of Gargan)-- After escaping the ovverrun you search this gigantic castle.
3. Big Castle(The War at Big Castle)-- An assault on another of Dracula's strongholds
4. Vania(Castle Vania)--- A huge adventure to find the portal to Dracula's Castle
Then Draculas Castle

Episode CV2: Simon's Quest: This episode has the most puzzly maps, a perfect atmosphere for it's homage.
1. "What a Horrible Night- BlackIsle Map"-- A sprawling adventure underground kind of mirroring the opening town in Castlevania 2.
2."TO Have a Curse-- Pillar Map"-- A castle on top of a mountain as you search for a piece to find.
3."Vanquish the Horrible Night-- TheDungeon Map"--- This map is the whole reason I even made Episode 2 a reality. This map sums up Simon's Quest before he goes to Castle Dracula
then to Dracula's Castle

Episode Castlevania1: Simon's Destiny--- This is simply Draculas Castle for those that want a shorter time to enjoy the other parts of the mod.


1."What is a man?": This is the easiest mode. THe monsters are the least aggressive. The Bosses are only randomized on Map 03. The rest are set for "Story purposes".
This is the only mode where monsters will infight. This is the only mode to have Player Respawn activated to make this HARD mod more bearable on any episode.

2. A Miserable Pile of Secrets: This is the harder version of Dracula's Curse. Monsters are more aggressive. Bosses are randomized on all stages except for Dracula. Dracula is never randomized in ANY setting.

3. "Vanquish the Horrible Night": This is the Original Simon's Destiny Blood Moon monsters. THe bosses are randomized. Why? Better mix of monsters.

4. Dracula X: Now the heat is really turned up. Everything is randomized, Yes even more bosses to fight!

5. Symphony of the Night: You want an adventure? Here you go. Fast & Randomized on all Monsters with half Health.

6. Rondo of Blood: How can it get better? Author's choice on monsters. Don't worry, its fair but difficult. This is the hardest mode. Fast, x2 Health and Few Random monsters

CLASSES AND STARTING WEAPONS: Every Character has a SKILL bound to the reload key!!! I bind reload key to Shift. Every character has mostly unique abilities on the Castlevania Subweapons.
Subweapons and Skills can only be used on the Starter Weapon of each character. Every other non-starter weapon can be used by everyone.

Trevor Belmont-- Yes he wore brown in the original NES version just like Simon. Uses the Flame ChainWhip right from the start and the Skill ability does a slower but stronger and longer
range whip attack. Has one of the best outputs for Subweapon damage.
Subweapon variance: Dagger shoots 3 in a straight line; Throws 3 Holy Waters in a horizontal arc; Throws 3 Crosses.

Lincoln- Magic Shield + Sword: A sword that swings in a wide arc. The mainfire can be held for a short charge up before it releases an explosion wave. No ammo needed. While SHIELD is showing you are INVINCIBLE. The Skill attack fires a Shotgun that has no ammo limitations. Whenever the Shield is NOT showing you can be hurt. Has mediocre subweapon output akin to original Simon's Destiny. Normal Subweapons.

Sypha: Starts with Fire Wand: Primary is unlimited which shoots a short range fire. Skill attack is a Freezing Wind spell that will freeze enemies and is free to use. All Subweapon attacks do ICE style attacks except for the Axe and Bible.
Subweapon variance: Dagger= 3 Ice Bolts; Holy Water = Ice Wall; Axe throws straighter with zero arc; Boomerang= Frost Shard and fast fire rate.

Grant- Has the fastest MOVE SPEED. Really short range melee compared to everyone else. No Reload skill, and subweapons on Altfire.

Angmar- Starts with Magic Gauntlets: Primary fires a melee attack that also vampire Health back into you. Skill ability is FLIGHT at zero cost. Has the best Subweapon attacks. Believe it or not, he is Not overpowered. He's simply a very powerful wizard.
Subweapon variance: Dagger= 3 piercing Lightning Bolts; Holywater= Exploding Hammer; Axe= ThunderBolt; Boomerang= Frost Nova

Alucard- A lone warrior battling the undead: Starts with a Silver Sword, and some magic. His Skill attack is a fireball and the occasional ice ball; no ammo needed. His Subweapon output is average vanilla CSD. He has the highest Jump height.

Simon the Questor: A warrior who has a Shield bound to the Reload key and Subweps on Altfire. The shield allows no forward movement but you can strafe and move backwards while holding it up.

Erdrick-- Cant use subweapons. Has a Shield like Simon. His altfire is his trusty HURT spell which is free to cast.

Arthur: Hero from GhostsnGoblins. Low Health but has a very good starter weapon. No reload key ability. Subweapons on Altfire.

Baratus--- Fighter from Hexen. No Reload skill. Subweapons on altfire.

Kuros: Has one of the best starts. Reload key is Subweps and Altfire is his boomerang axe. High jumping ability.


WeaponSlot 1, Twin Axe, Sword
WeaponSlot 2, Default per Class: Subweapons only on this and same for Skill ability/ attack.
WeaponSlot 3, Boomstick,Bow
WeaponSlot 4, Crossbow, VampireKiller
WeaponSlot 5, Hammer,
WeaponSlot 6, wand,Trident
WeaponSlot 7, BFB(Big Freezing Book

Weapons to be found: All of these weapons can be found at the old Whip Upgrade spots or 1000 gold spots. Happy hunting. All Main Fires except the Big Freezing Book are free cost.

Long Bow: A Magic bow that shoots a Freezing arrow on the Altfire that uses mana ammo shared with the wand and costs 1 hearts per shot. You can press and hold and release with both firing types.

Hunter's CrossBow: Fires bolts. Altfire shoots an Exploding Fire Bolt.

Volcano Hammer: Hybrid Melee and Ranged Weapon. Altfire throws an exploding hammer. main fire swings a slow melee attack that also does a damaging shockwave centered on you, but doesn't hurt you.

Gold Wand: straighforward and simple weapon Primary Fire shoots a Electric Puff. Alt fire casts a 3 Piercing Shock Bolts that can have a tight but random spread . Mainfire costs nothing, Altfire costs 3 hearts per cast.

Big Freezing Book: A magic Tome that fires a freezing cloud. Altfire shoots Lightning Spell. Main Fire costs 14 mana per click. Lightning Spell costs 1 per cast.

Twin Axe "Beater and Biter": Altfire attack throws 1 piercing axe. 1 second cool down. No ammo cost.

Royal Trident- Main fire shoots 4 fast shots at an economical cost of 1 heart. AltFire is a melee attack. Poke Poke.

Vampire Killer XBow: A strong Crossbow that fires fast. Altfire does triple burst

BoomStick: A single barrel shotgun that reloads fast.

Sword: The Kinglsayer returns. Altfire is a free cast Fire Breath type skill. Swings fast and wide. No ammo use needed.


MONSTER Cast: monsters are now randomized. This doesn't mean an Imp Spawn will spawn a Cyberdemon level monster.

Skeleton: A naked skeleton that is melee only

Merman: a Snake creature that shoots energy balls

Keese: a giant aggressive spectral Bat.

Skeleton Knight: Throws axes.

Octorok: Tentacle monster that is never caught off guard and shoots red balls.

Leever: Melee only monster that sinks below the floor and attacks in close.

Goblins: Little armored imps that melee and shoot arrows.

Wizard: Flying wizard that is invisbile until hit or attacks

Goblin WarLord: Bigger Moblin that shoots many arrows at once.

Vampire Legionairre: A heavy armored melee only warrior. Deflects attacks from the front.

Goriya: Giant 2 headed troll that throws maces.

Golem: giant mummy that shoots a partially seeking projectile. Spits a Ghastsoul when it dies.

GhastSoul: A blue flying ghost that shoots.

Wendigo: Ice monster

Daemonic Wizard: Ground demon lady that shoots a wave of fireballs.

Gargoyle: Black and Red types. Black ones shoot fireballs.

Reiver: undead flying wizard that shoots fireballs

Vhampire: Flying Cloaked dude that shoots bats and gargoyles.

Serpent: a mean lizard fire breather

Maulotaur; Bipedal bull that can ram and throws fireballs.

BOSS MONSTERS: These guys are also randomized. They are super rare and only seen toward the end of the game.

Baron of Darkness: Crazy demon.

Serpent Rider: Rides a Serpent and will fire lots of different projectiles.

MegaTaur: The OG Maulotaur of Heretic.

Ahganim: Black robed Wizard

Cheoghganon: He's a "crossover" character. Hard fight.

Fallen Hero: Legendary warrior

Fallen ArchMage: Legendary mage

Doppleganger: What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets.

Shaft: A Lightning wizard

New Dracula forms: Look the same, Fight different.


Special Thanks : Medieval Doom @ zdoom forum
Post by Lagi
Realm667 repository for: Vampire Monster, Crimson Disciple, Cheogh, Converterted Legionnaire, Thor, Magic Bow, Frag Grenades,
Crash monster soundfiles, Heaven Guard, Trash Monsters, Hornet, Azazel, Dune Warrior, DaggerfallSkeleton,
Impaler CrossBow, Succubus, Western Shotgun. Firewand

Conan The Barbarian: Warrior of Doom(Beta 8)
Postby xenoxols at Zdoom forum For Shield sprite and Skull Sword sprites and Greatsword.
CastleVania Simons Destiny by Batandy
for Making this amazing game.


The Castle-Pack by Jeffrey Harvey at MODDB
Games : Doom II : Addons
Singleplayer Map
Public Domain
Apr 3rd, 2020
2.15mb (2,251,574 bytes)



Filename : bgcastle.wad

Author : Bob Kudla


* What is included *

New levels : No
Sounds : Yes
Music : No
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other files required : Castlevania Simon's Destiny AND Doom 2!!!

* Play Information *

Game : Castlevania Simon's Destiny
Single Player : Designed for

Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : YES!
Tested : GZDoom

* Construction *

Base : Modified from Castlevania 3 for Simons Destiny, and Heretic Heroes
Build Time : 4 days
Editor(s) used : GZDoom, GIMP, Notepad, Slade
Known Bugs : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Edit it all you want because that is what I did. This is a labor of love that I built
at home for extra challenge. It's only right that I share it and allow it to be shared.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

Postby wildweasel » Sat Jul 10, 2021 11:55 pm

Is this identical to the project in this thread? You could ask a moderator to move that thread to TCs instead of starting a second thread.
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Re: Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

Postby m1lk » Sun Jul 11, 2021 1:44 am

thank you!
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Re: Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

Postby kalensar » Sun Jul 11, 2021 2:24 am

wildweasel wrote:Is this identical to the project in this thread? You could ask a moderator to move that thread to TCs instead of starting a second thread.

Technically it is the same one cuz I'm a doomarse. -shrug- I got so used to posting in Mods that barely remembered that there was the TC section here, which this does qualify as.
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Re: Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny

Postby kalensar » Tue Jul 13, 2021 11:23 am

New demo video updated.
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