Box Party [Demo v1.3.2]

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Re: Box Party [Demo v1.3.2]

Postby IdiotBitz » Wed May 04, 2022 10:28 am

Hello again again. Got another cool new thing to show off today.

Next new feature coming to v1.4: More difficulty options!

You can find these options in a new area in the Difficulty Select level.
These options are applied on top of which one of the 3 Difficulties you select.

I'll gloss over these options real quick:
  • Enemy HP/Damage: You can control how much health/damage the enemies have. Pretty simple.
  • Glowstick Start: At the start of each level, you'll lose all of your weapons, except the glowstick. Like a Pistol Start in Doom.
  • More Max Ammo: Gives you 50% more max ammo for all weapons except for the glowstick, which gets double the ammo.
  • HP/Ammo Drops: Control how many health and ammo drops can spawn from defeating enemies.

When you choose any of the options that make your game easier, your score will begin to drain over time so that you can't cheese the high score system.
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