[Multiplayer]Inhuman Monstrosity - A class-based Teamgame

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[Multiplayer]Inhuman Monstrosity - A class-based Teamgame

Postby TheSkyBug » Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:59 pm


WARNING:This mod was made for Zandronum 3.0 and tested on it. So, better not to launch it with (G)ZDoom, because it's not only useless, but also won't work as intended.

Hey! I'm hosting this mod on a TSPG!
I'll be sitting there sometime, come and play: [TSPG] Inhuman Monstrosity (Fixed, updated,prettied)

Download link: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronu ... yv0.21.pk3

Welcome to the Teamgame zone! Only teamplay inside TSPG servers!
In all seriousness tho, welcome to the Inhuman Monstrosity (IM) – a team-based PvP mod, created to profile my deep, dark fantasies about my own multiplayer mod with Tchernobog and playerclasses.
IMPORTANT: While it’s theoretically compatible with Software render, I cannot guarantee that everything here will look and/or work as intended. So better play it with OpenGL.
ALSO IMPORTANT: Remember to bind the “Reload/Special” button. Lots of characters use it.
The concept here is old as all world – there are two teams, Inhumans and Monstrosities, each with their own set of classes. There are no items across the map – all you have is your character’s abilities and weapons, which recharges/reloads over time. Each player class is somewhat unique – they may have some similarities, but their playstyle varies from a simple bulletsponge to heavily-tactical assassin.
However, there are some differences between IM and the other PvP mods. First of them – a heavy reliance on teamwork. I mean, REALLY heavy. While there are classes that are more or less self-sustained, most of the characters are focused on a specific role, and are useless alone. So, plan your actions and help your teammates, or die as a disorganized crowd.
Second – new gamemodes. Currently only one, to be precise, and I’m not sure if there’ll be any more. A simple “Do as many frags as you can” is fun, but too overused in my opinion, so let’s bring something new to this concept.
Your common TDM, but with a twist. When player dies, their soul drops on the ground, waiting to be harvested. Press the USE key on it to acquire one point for your team. However, if teammates of the dead player get to their soul first, they’ll preserve it, basically making your efforts useless. So the goal here is not only to kill enemies, but also to collect their souls and save those of your teammates.

In addition, this mod has some kind of a lore, both global and for every character.
Global lore:

List of characters:


Most of the maps have something special about them, which’ll allow your team to gain an advantage over your enemy.
Here’s a list of maps:

Known bugs:

Here's some screenoshots. Thay aren't too informative anyway, better play the mod and see what it is yourself.

Also note: mod is still in development. There will be new maps and classes in a future (currently I really need new maps), so stay tuned!

Special thanks:
ChillrendVN aka Virao Nash – for his AMAZING sprite works! (Check out his topic: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=71492 )
Nomakh Thunder – for morale help and creating the IMM02 map.
All the people listed in CREDITS file – thank you for creating so much resources!

Version history. For those interested:
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Re: [Multiplayer]Inhuman Monstrosity - A class-based Teamgam

Postby undeadmonk354 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:16 pm

Well, this is a really good mod but, is the gameplay similar to CutmanMike's Ghouls VS Humans?
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Re: [Multiplayer]Inhuman Monstrosity - A class-based Teamgam

Postby TheSkyBug » Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:32 pm

undeadmonk354 wrote:Well, this is a really good mod but, is the gameplay similar to CutmanMike's Ghouls VS Humans?

The concept here is a bit similar (two teams, one "humanlike", one "monsterlike"), but it plays completely differently. Starting from the fact that GvH is made for TLMS, and ending with a whole mod's idea. In GvH one skilled player may wreck an entire enemy team: all classes there are more or less self-sustained.
Here, on the other hand, everything is built around teamwork. Someone must attack, someone must secure kills, someone must defend, and so on. So yeah, gameplay is extremely different from GvH - it's all about working as one team.
However, I wont lie - Ghouls vs Humans inspired me to create this mod, but I've tried to make it as different from it as possible.
In conclusion: concept is a bit-less similar, gameplay is different. At least that's what I'm aimed to do.
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Re: [Multiplayer]Inhuman Monstrosity - A class-based Teamgam

Postby TheSkyBug » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:43 am

Okay, so, after a few days of public testing, here's the first update - version 0.21 is out!

Tell me: do you like what you see? If interested, ofcourse. Your feedback is extremely important for me!
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