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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby EnriksD8 » Wed Apr 13, 2022 6:18 am

I've played through the demo and what I've found is a pretty good mod so far. I've played on "Bring It On!" Difficulty and it is a challenging and fun experience.

I barely used the Knife and the altfire is rather strange. I honestly thought the thrown knives would be retrievable or something.
The Luger is a nice sidearm to have although it could do with a slight buff to its damage.
The MP50 is a nice blend of the Chaingun and Shotgun archetypes of the Doom arsenal with its primary fire being fairly accurate at most ranges and the alternate fire making for a good streetsweeper if you can land those shots.
The Rifle is a little weak, though, especially given its bolt-action nature but compared to other mods and games with bolt-actions the cycling of the bolt is fast enough for follow-up shots.
If anything, though, the FG42 outshines the Rifle with it seemingly doing more damage and having full-auto capabilities.
The Tigerfaust is pretty useful on tanky enemies such as the boss at the end of the level and those flamethrower troopers.
As for the Minigun, I haven't had the chance to use it on anything substantial but judging by the overheating meter whenever its equipped, I can assume it'll be balanced in some way or form in future updates.
The Grenades are a little odd, needing the player to arc rather high just to get it clear over knee-high obstacles. It's even weirder that it shares the sameslot as the Tigerfaust.

The bonus level can bugger right off, though. Those rockets are absurdly fast at times, especially the ones coming from the sides. The bonus of a +25 boost to the max health was a nice compensation.

Regarding Health and Armor, I've noticed a few things that I'm sure many who played this demo may have already noticed and/or reported. When I grabbed that Powersphere (+25 Max Health thingamajig) I tested to see if I can use the Medkits to heal up to the new max amount. A quicksave and a grenade throw later which reduced my health to 78 HP, I found that I could only go up to 103 HP. I'm assuming there's a code that checks if the player has 100 HP or not.

As for the Armor, I've noticed that even when you maxed out to 100 armor points, you can still pick up the helmets and body armor. I can only assume this is an error on the coding because unless there's a secret mechanic of picking up excess armor, those extra helmets and body armors should not have been picked up in the first place.

EDIT: Speaking of Grenades, the HUD doesn't show how many grenades you have which does make it rather annoying in some situations where you need to throw a grenade. Maybe this could be addressed in a future update to the HUD to show how many grenades a player has in their inventory?
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby DeathIncarnate » Wed Apr 13, 2022 6:58 am

Thank you all for the feedback.
Regarding each of your points (will try to answer all if possible, this may be a long post):

Captain J:
* Warning laser being caught behind props: - I'll sort this out. Forgot to add the +RIPPER flag so it doesn't get caught by collision.
* Hand-Grenade (quick toss vs equipped toss) - Yeah, this is something I struggle to make identical via ACS (quick toss) vs the more refined trajectory (equipped toss - ZScript/Decorate)
* Vanilla Doomguy grunt - I definitely did hear it. I might get rid of the grunt altogether (Including BJ's). It starts to get annoying as it plays every time the player lands less than 8 map units vertically (due to player gravity being increased)
* Dumb Nazis hurting themselves. Do you mean unintentional infighting? If so, it's something I struggle to fix regarding hitscan enemies (+DONTHARMSPECIES and +NOINFIGHTING still hurts them).
* Armour is collectible even at full capacity - This is also to be fixed
* Secret room bonus - These may include various items, but the Max Health pickup will always be in these, so the player can stack MaHealth up to 200% if he/she accesses more bonus rooms. Somehow it doesn't work though. I've made the BJ Sphere MaxHealth have an Inventory.MaxAmount of 200, but it still stacks beyond 200%. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.
* Portable Health not usable after MaxHealth pickup - Another bit of coding logic I struggled with. I'll be asking on the forums how to fix this at some point.

* Tiny HUD - I usually set "hud_scale" to -1 (Adapt to screen size). I wish I knew some way the mod could automatically set this upon loading.
* Map objective being unclear - I'll add some sort of visual indication for future maps that they are usable textures/linedefs - Sort of like KDiZD's arrow.
* Grenades sound and message - I'm working on this :)
* Armour is collectible even at full capacity - (answered above)
* Boss area visibility - I'll be honest here. I think I intentionally made this artificially hard due to the fact that the boss can be cheesed. So I compensated for this. (Which is bad design on my part, sorry)

* Knife - Yeah, a lot of weapons in games and mods become obsolete once the player finds better weapons (and this mod is no exception sadly), and it gets hard to balance sometimes, but hopefully I will find some way to make the player gravitate towards using the knife more often.
* Luger buff - Hmmm, perhaps so. Maybe just a little
* Weak rifle - I was considering buffing it a little, but not for this demo. Perhaps for future levels.
* FG42 making Rifle obsolete - (see "Knife" point)
* Venom Chaingun - This will definitely be balanced
* Grenades - Trajectory (see answer in Captain J's section); Same weapon slot as Tigerfaust (This is going to be changed too - these two won't share a slot)
* Health and armour - (answered somewhere above)
* HUD Grenades - You are right, it has annoyed me too when wanting to use grenades, only to find out that you have none. I'm working on this in the next build.
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby stojan83 » Fri Apr 15, 2022 6:34 am

thanks. How do i run this, on top of wolfendoom, gzdoom?
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby DeathIncarnate » Fri Apr 15, 2022 11:17 am

I haven't tested the mod with other Wolfendoom map packs, but you can drag and drop the wolfrise pk3 in addition to the Wolfendoom mod you'd like to load onto your gzdoom.exe. You'll most likely come across unwanted and unexpected results when doing this though.
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby DeathIncarnate » Sun Apr 17, 2022 3:48 pm

So I've been thinking of implementing a proper mission info screen using ACS or ZScript, rather than creating an F1 graphic for each level.

No need to worry about the text exceeding the bounds of the border (this is fine, I can fix this. I was simply messing around for now).
I can of course tweak through trial and error, but this could take forever for each mission.

I'm using ACS HudMessage. Surely this is possible to implement, though would I be better off learning ZScript to do this kind of thing?
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby Jeimuzu73 » Tue Apr 19, 2022 10:29 pm

Quick question regarding music: is it ok if I ask for permission to use the music files of this mod for a project I'm working on? I'll give credit to the respective artists for them.
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Re: Wolfenstein Rising

Postby DeathIncarnate » Tue Apr 19, 2022 10:56 pm

By all means, If DAR gives you the green light, you're all good to go. :)
While the soundtrack isn't exclusive to Wolfenstein Rising (though it is specifically composed for it), you'd need to state that the music being used is from this mod (unless DAR specifies that you don't need to).

Here is DAR's channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVE4ju ... qlr9L6lo8A

Alternatively, you can join the Wolfenstein Rising Discord:
https://discord.gg/gztfW6c (Link updated so it doesn't expire anymore)
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