The Sawmill

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The Sawmill

Postby Lupo Solitari » Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:49 am

"You've been wandering for a long time. Maybe for too long. Your journey has become pointless. Maybe the time to stop roaming has come, time to settle down and live some real normal life. One day, your steps take you to a small town. And there's a sawmill nearby, a place where you might get a job and a decent new start. So you go ahead and give it a try. Little you know, what mess will you get into this time..."

Hi everybody!

This is a preview of a little project of mine I've been working on lately.
The idea is: A story-driven miniwad that instead of the usual Doom sci-fi setting takes on a dark fantasy/gothic/romanticism atmosphere, kind of similar to games and mods like Blood, The City of the Damned or Preacher. There will be a complete story with numerous characters - some good, some evil, some hard to judge. Doing their best in a world of sin and twisted magic. The player will visit places like dark forests or unholy temples and face foes like thugs, possessed humans, demons and supernatural beings.

Rather than an open-world, XP and stuff collecting generic RPG with a ton of quests, I'd rather see a pretty linear gameplay focusing mostly on narrative and classic Doom-style action combat against variable foes. Much more like Bioshock or Metro, rather than Skyrim or Borderlands.

Here, I present you a first map of the series. This is pretty much a demo in which I tried to get the grasp of the idea and to see how the rest of the game could look like. So, before I continue with my work, I'd like to ask you for an honest review. How do you like the idea in general? Do you see a point in this mod? What do you like/dislike about the first map? Is the setting good? Is the gameplay not boring?

Download link (v1.1):

Game info:
GZDoom 4.3 or newer is recommended. Versions 3.7 and older do positively not work. You must have jumping and crouching enabled. Compatibility with other mods is possible, but disencouraged. The mod requires the Doom2 or FreeDoom2 IWAD to run.



In case something breaks:
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Lupo Solitari
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Development progress

Postby Lupo Solitari » Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:04 am

So, the mod got an update:

It is now properly converted to pk3, prepared for all the added content coming with new levels.
Weapons got a complete upgrade.
Quest tracking and zippo functions have been introduced.
A few new objects have beed added.
Certain minor issues were adressed.

This shall be the primary release for some time.
I am currently working on new maps following the first one.
I also decided to release the project in a few episodes, so the next major update will be the whole first episode.
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Lupo Solitari
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Re: The Sawmill

Postby Captain J » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:52 pm

Well well! This TC is really promising and interesting! I had fun traveling around the place and the difficulty was fairly challenging too. But speaking of which... I've got some feedback to share:

- The books and letters have extremely higher contrast, almost burned my eyes and was quite hard to read. I expected the realistic depiction of certain items but nope! Was a bunch of Clipart.

- Axe swinging sound effect stops when you're swinging in mid air.

- How come the gunslingers have a good accuracy while i'm not? And boss' bodyguards react much faster, not actually giving me a fair chance to attack first.

- Speaking of letter, would be nice if the previous letter gets removed after you pick another. Because the item sprite for the letter are all the same.

- Revolver has own magazine count but not the double barrel shotgun. So i tend to get confused a lot because i often forget if it's fully loaded or not.

- Call me crazy, but i expected the another ending, or consequences after killing Jeff in cold blood. Nothing really happens because he's literally invincible. Would be nice if that really happened.

That's it. Promising work!
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Re: The Sawmill

Postby Lupo Solitari » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:29 pm

First of all, thanks for your feedback! :)

Speaking of difficulty, I do realize that it's a thing that needs multiple personal views and some fine tuning - I actually thought the dogs would be the most challenging (and also a bit annoying) part. I'l give those gunslingers a thought. I don't know if you discovered that the revolver is more accurate (and has a bit more damage for an individual shot) if you let the hammer be cocked. That was the supposed way of firing the gun at long ranges (at the expense of speed), but I admit it might not be so apparent and work as I planned.

As far as your confunsion with letters and the shotgun goes - yes, you have a point there. That is exactly when the feedback is most welcome, to point at stuff I did not pay the right amount of attention to. I'll also try to find a way to improve the uhm... scrappy graphics, pixel drawing is probably my weakest skill though :oops:

Jeff wasn't really meant to be killed, since he's supposed to appear a few more times, but you gave me a thought here - The option of killing him might add the game some curious consequences... :twisted:
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Lupo Solitari
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Re: The Sawmill

Postby Serathis » Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:58 am

The dogs are a bit too hardcore.
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