Mortal Kombat II for zandronum and gzdoom 1.8.10

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Mortal Kombat II for zandronum and gzdoom 1.8.10

Postby DOOMERO-21 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:44 pm

gameplay demo

Mortal kombat II for zandronum and gzdoom 1.8.10

This new version contain various addons:

Added random select

Added time

Added a new kombat mode: 3 vs 3 (only for 2 players)

Fixed lot of bugs

Included a submod called MKIIGEN.wad, this only change the music. The modded music is from MKII sega medrive version.

Download link: ... s/mkiidoom

This mod still compatible with multiplayer: can be played online with 4 players (mode 2vs2)  - zandronum coop

In the case of gzdoom, works much better (try gzdoom 1.8.10) i included a bat file for play online with a friend, is only necessary an Ip adress.

All the instructions for installation are into the file.

Some finish move (sequence of buttons) are different from the original, but in the future i will change it and will be the same as the original MKII.

Here the credits list (included into the file too)

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