Dinomensch Demo

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Dinomensch Demo

Postby ImpieTwo » Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:08 am

I've been unable to get the booze mechanic to work the way that I wanted, so I'm releasing this demo thing so people can at least enjoy the two finished maps for it.


What started as a remake of Angst: Rahz's Revenge ran away and became its own thing. After angering your woke bosses at the Global Insurance Company, you are deported to Lunica City, the only tourist trap/prison on the moon, to suffer the rest of your days in cubicle hell. A few days later the GIC’s experiments turn the moon city into a nightmare: dinosaur-like aliens have invaded, and the city is in chaos. Maybe now is a good time to find a way back to earth before the city falls?

Features two finished maps, half a dozen weird guns, panicky pedestrians, beer, whiskey, alien slave girls, and a ton of weird-ass monsters.
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