Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby TiberiumSoul » Mon May 02, 2022 11:34 am

I actually have a small addon in the works. A collection of various weapons from WW1 and Earlier

1. Hatchet
2. Webley-Fosbery
3. Winchester M1897 Trench Broom
4. Ribeyrolles M1918
5. Cei-Rigotti M1895
6. Nitro Express Double Rifle


7. Various Upgrades to make certain Weapon Quirks disappear such as the Ribeyrolles jamming randomly...
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby comet1337 » Tue May 03, 2022 12:33 pm

i may have done myself a disservice by playing trench foot before countrycide
because goddamn countrycide is some certified GoodShit™
the theme, atmosphere, aesthetics, gameplay, love it
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby PulseRifleFun » Tue May 10, 2022 2:17 pm

I'm sure the Trench Foot team already has a good idea of what the core story is going to be for the world of Cretu, but I thought I'd put down some of my thoughts in case anyone was interested.

-Many centuries before the present era at Cretu, the first human settlers arrived. They came in a fleet of huge spaceships built deep into the heart of hollowed out asteroids whose rocky structure helped to provide extra shielding from deep space radiation due to comic rays found in the cosmos. Propelled by nuclear engines which drove the ships to a small fraction of the speed of light, the automated ships took nearly two centuries to bridge the gap between the stars while their crews of thousands in each vessel lay in cryosleep chambers awaiting to awaken when their fleet arrived in the new solar system after their long trip through the vast distances between the stars. Some of these brave souls where Christians of various traditions who sought to escape Earth due to persecutions from a number of ruthless secular regimes that had taken over large segments of the planet, looking to the cosmos they asked to Lord to bless their journey and help to found a civilization that would glorify Him. In a matter of weeks the ships with their newly awakened survivors of the incredible journey entered orbit around Cretu, a world similar in size to Earth with an atmosphere that was (barely) breathable to humans and only thinly populated by plant and animal life on it's rocky surface, though what lies in the deepest parts of it's oceans are still unknown. Using their numerous antigravitional cargo carriers stored away in the starships massive hangars, the new settlers set down on the new world to lay claim to it for themselves. Over time the human settlers created towns and cities, they began planting trees, grass and other flora as well as establishing useful earth lifeforms on the surface like livestock which began taking over the country side and rapidly displacing the native life forms. The settlers even cannibalized much equipment and technology from the fleet to assist in further terraforming the planet, giving it greater warmth in order to expand croplands beyond the equatorial zone on that cold world. Just as Cretu's new human population seemed to be on the verge of forming a new advanced technological civilization, a decline began. Despite Cretu being habitable, it tragically lacked key minerals on it's surface that would enable the manufacture of advanced electronics and computers, insuring that once the advanced technological equipment that had been brought to that world had been used up, the settlers would never be able to build anything more advanced than mid 20th century technology at best, in other words, their world would never be in a position to move further into the cosmos-their civilization would live and die there depending on their actions. As the old tech failed and replacement technologies which were antiquated struggled to replace what formally had been, anger and dissent arose, and humanity on Cretu split into feuding factions that clashed and sunk in some cases to a nearly medieval level of existence for many years. Then the Order of the Templar was formed and they established the caliphate, calling on God for His help and blessing and hammering out order from chaos, establishing a central government that pulled up the world of Cretu into a new civilization, making the most of the resources they had to glorify the Lord and bring stability, justice and prosperity to everyone. However not all were satisfied, and some withdrew into the dark places of the world, where ruins of a previous prehuman civilization had once existed and had only been recently discovered to plot nefarious deeds against the Cretu's rulers.
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby PulseRifleFun » Tue May 10, 2022 2:32 pm

Just tossing out some ideas for individual missions for fun:

1. Frozen outpost - Our hero goes into a cold wilderness of rock and ice to look for and old outpost that hasn't been heard from in months, when he gets there
he discovers a wrecked installation and a mysterious archaeological site where unknown horrors await (perhaps something along the lines of Lovecraft's
Mountians of Madness and The Thing)

2. The mines - The Master Templar enters an abandoned mine that takes him deep underground where mysterious phenomena are going on to retrieve some
holy book or treasure left by his brothers in a previous expedition. (This wouldn't be a mission where fighting is involved, but rather a slow crawl through
haunted tunnels with lots of creepy phenomena - look up Bedtime Stories on Youtube and
you can find lots of freaky ideas)

3. Terror in the Sea - A mission where the Order sends our guy to a fortress by the sea, he then goes to it's lower levels to enter a concrete lined tunnel that
stretches out under the sea floor for a long ways, finally connecting to a steampunk style underwater base that Jules Verne would be proud of. The
heretics have somehow found this place and have stormed it, trying to loot it for weapons and supplies. Of course it would be cool to see something BIG
eyeing you from the windows looking out onto the ocean.
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby tachanka1917 » Fri May 13, 2022 3:47 am

I loved the oppressive atmosphere and some visuals literally made me gasp, I think the caverns are the most beautifully designed thing I have seen in GZDoom so far.
A bit of criticism, while the first boss fight kept me on my toes, the second one seemed a little exhaustive and when I ran into that ungodly spawn AGAIN, I was even a bit annoyed.
Especially the second is brutal and then the last feels anticlimactic and a bit bolted on.
Nevertheless, I'll probably play everything you'll ever put out, the creativity is astounding.
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby Mooney » Fri May 13, 2022 3:38 pm


Not bad at all. It's not too unlike the actual story :)

Good ideas for missions too. I actually have a tonne of ideas for future maps and footnote episodes.
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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby PulseRifleFun » Tue May 17, 2022 1:44 am

Glad you liked it! Here are some images from a recent trip to a military museum in my area if you need any inspiration as well as a couple of other things:


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Re: Trench Foot (CountryCide v1.1 released!)

Postby Mooney » Sat May 21, 2022 2:41 pm

New short TF machinima is up.

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