Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (0.10 BETA)

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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (0.10 BETA)

Postby aconike » Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:15 pm

I didn't find a single mistake here - great game and ingeniously tuned without a BUG.

Nice WORK!
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Re: Project Osiris - Alien Breed 3D for GZDoom (0.10 BETA)

Postby -K- » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:33 am

This is a tremendous achievement - I'd always thought that AB3D was a pretty good game that got less attention than it deserved thanks to being Amiga only, and because the extremely low resolution made it pretty hard to appreciate retrospectively. I hoped for a source port or modern remake, but assumed it wasn't popular enough to warrant one. So playing this and seeing how accurately the game had been recreated was an absolute joy - the game itself isn't quite as good as I remember, but it's great being able to appreciate the level design without being hamstrung by playing the game at about 5 - 10 fps on my old unexpanded A1200. I honestly can't oversell the effort and artistry here. Thanks!

I have one suggestion for a future version. Would it be possible to have a 'classic' difficulty option? I see that the most recent version has added different difficulty settings, and has added ammo pickups from downed enemies to make it less frustrating, but it would be great to have an option to play it under the old settings (as per v0.9) just to experience a bit of what it was like to play in 1995.
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