(WIP) Eternity Blitz Testbuild 2.0

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Re: (WIP) Eternity Blitz Testbuild 2.0

Postby NachtIntellect » Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:22 am

Hey everyone, first of all I just wanted to let you know that this project is still alive and well, progress has been relatively slow. Secondly I would like to post a changelog of the current build I have prepared (The other changelogs since are somewhere, I just haven't found them yet)

Also I won't be posting any further builds on here so if you have discord, the best place to find me and Eternity Blitz's current version is in my Retro Assesment server,
which was formerly the Eternity Blitz server but decided I wanted it to be a place people can discuss, so it's more of a retro hangout where Eternity Blitz is hosted, anyway here is the link for that: https://discord.gg/rcFYchF

Spoiler: Changelog
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