Land of the Serpent Riders for Wrath of Cronos 2.0 (WIP)

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Land of the Serpent Riders for Wrath of Cronos 2.0 (WIP)

Postby zombie_ryushu » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:58 am

My team members, would like to come forward with our announcement of our revamp and restructuting of Land of the Serpent Riders, an idea started by Taurustar, that myself, and about six other people, put together as an ongoing project, and conclusion to the Neutral Side Route to Argonian Lord's A new World.

This is not an addon to Taurustar's Mod, it's a complete and total overhaul. Textures, the enemy roster, the script, the plot, and everything have been redone, to be in PK3 format.

For now, the mod requires Wrath of Cronos 2.0C. A Wrath of Cronos 2.2 port is planned, but thats a ways off.

Download Link ... _woc20.pk3 (tenative, expect updated versions often.)


All Blood Textures have been removed, and replaced by Textures from "Baker's Legacy" The monsters are Wrath of Cronos reworks of Monsters from Realm667.
The Sound Track has been completely replaced. Alot of the music is remixes of Hexen 1 and Heretic Tracks from Luke Jansen, used with permission.
Some music however, is from Creative Commons sources such as Peritune, MediaCharger, and Myuu. The music is in Ogg/Vorbis format.
Sound effects, which were often rips from Heretic, of things like have also been replaced by Creative Commons Sound effects of Demon Lords Laughing, or Bells ringing, in Ogg/Vorbis format.

The return of Multiple Routes, and Elite Monsters in Wrath of Cronos

As with A New World, there will be voice acting, and multiple endings.
DownStreamChaos returns as Burai the Dragon Prince, just as he did in A New World, and Scourge of Viscerus. There are some new voices for the Shrine Maidens, and Corvus himself.
Some enemy types will have elite/powered up versions of enemy types that can spawn at random locations. So far we only have completed one of these. More are planned.
There are to be no Hexen 1, or Heretic monsters used in this mod. Bosses are also custom too.

New Allies

Not only are the enemies new, but the Allies such as Burai's Shrine Maidens, who have ne voices, and sound effects, along with Mage versions, and Sentry Turret versions of the Shrine Maidens. On Corvus's team, there are the Crimson Knights of Parthoris.

Better more functional Maps

The maps and scripts have so many bug fixes, adjustments, and improvements, its unreal. If I were to try and list a change log it would be pages, and pages of stuff that was corrected, or upgraded. There are still more problems. but bit by bit, as we go through everything, more stuff works better or is fixed.

Release and Attribution

This is to be considered an Open Source Production. GPL for the source code to the Programming bits, or creative Commons for the content such as Sprite work, music, or sound effects. A Directory called Credits will be maintained inside the PK3 File crediting all authors and sources we know about. Anyone who has any wish to be credited is free to come forward.
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Re: Land of the Serpent Riders for Wrath of Cronos 2.0 (WIP)

Postby zombie_ryushu » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:01 am

I'm trying to upload screen shots, but it says they are too large.

Here are a few.

There are more, but the board has a limit of 256 KB.
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Re: Land of the Serpent Riders for Wrath of Cronos 2.0 (WIP)

Postby zombie_ryushu » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:10 am


Here are a few more

This is a headache.
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Re: Land of the Serpent Riders for Wrath of Cronos 2.0 (WIP)

Postby zombie_ryushu » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:27 am

A summary of the latest additions:

Afrit Familiar now replaces Dark Servant/Maulotaur. Wrath of Cronos Properties applied.

Map00 - Burai now runs the script he should, to say what we are doing, and where we are going, and explains everything.
Map01 - a Soft lock has been fixed that can trap you in Map01 with no way to Progress if you exit Zardaz's level without opening the double doors to enter them first.
Map92 - Boss music plays when Fighting the Great Archer.
Map05 - Superweapon Puzzle replaced by Orb Stand Puzzle.
Map18 - Complete overhaul. Looks totally re-textured.
Map20, 21, and 22 - Proper Multiplayer Start points added. This should cut down on telefragging.

Elite Spawners exist for Fire Cutlist and Lightning Cultist only. So far,.
Stone Golems can become Iron Golems.
Shrine Maidens can become Magic Maidens or Sentry Maidens (drop Gem Turrets)
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