Behead The Undead 2: Project Crypt

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Behead The Undead 2: Project Crypt

Postby Tabijaky » Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:32 am

In this day and age, 2050, humanity has come face to face to an apocalypse. The entirety of the United States landmass has been wiped out by a previously unknown virus - Corrosium Infumiscos. The United Nations has already blocked all access to it, and the rest of the world's on high alert. You are a member of the TAC-8, and your job is to locate any survivors, and contain the virus. Godspeed, for the safety of mankind

Behead the undead 2 : Project Crypt - is a sequel to Behead the undead 1 but with a proper storyline following Agent Innominate a TAC-8 unit that is finding Issac Rogerson.
Issac Rogerson is a survivor from Doctor Plutonia's Experiments, he has been cloning him with a pack of others that turn into these monsters of unknown.
This mod is also following up from Chromazone a Jumping Adventure type game, with dark thoughts writen within, The game is difficult and takes some time, with what you do.

This mod is created by:

Discord :
Moddb :
Behead the undead 1:
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Re: Behead The Undead 2: Project Crypt

Postby olzhas1one » Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:21 am

If you want to follow the development you're better off following the Moddb page or joining our Discord, since we don't lurk around here much often
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