RELEASED! - Temple of the Lizard Men 10yr Anniversary Remake

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Re: RELEASED! - Temple of the Lizard Men 10yr Anniversary Re

Postby Captain J » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:05 am

Also i found some serious errors in ToTLM 3. You somehow can destroy the important props like Tombs that you can read. And even the Altar: the thing you need to use certain key for it to continue. Destroying the Altar certainly WILL softlock the game. I didn't even know there's an Altar to begin with but i used Grenade Launcher, one of the shell blasted it and couldn't continue...

Oh, and did i mention that reading the Tomb will crash the Game? GZDoom Ver. 4.1.3 is quite unstable with it.

... In addition, all of the PDAs in ToTLM 4 except the very first one is ruined in GZDoom Ver. 4.1.3. They crash the game once you put them down. And is it me or the Final boss wasn't so hard than that cursed Hellsmith? It's one of the awkward thing this Series has. Other than that, it was very nice and existing Treasure Hunting, playing as Fiona! She's by far the most interesting character to play with.
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Re: RELEASED! - Temple of the Lizard Men 10yr Anniversary Re

Postby Alando1 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:46 am

@Captain J - Hey, good to hear you enjoyed it. I have taken a look at your critique and I will consider some of what you've indicated. I am in the process of working on updates for the TOTLM1 remake.

- For the music volume on MAP01, I can modify the sound file to be a bit lower.
- For the ammo collected recommendation, I can definitely do that.
- For stomping on spiders, I'll see if I can implement something but I can't promise you anything.
- For the Shamans dropping ammo, it is an interesting idea. I will look into it.
- For the Burial chamber in MAP01, the 2 switches I could make more visible. I think I might just put a couple of candles there instead of the webs.
- For the pillar holding the Super Potion, I could increase its height to make it more difficult for the player to acquire it.
- For the pillar in MAP02 with the Blue Crystal Key, I could make it a thicker pillar or I might just give it a different shape.
- For the final boss, that was one of the biggest updates I was going to be working on. I have modified the final boss to be much more of a formidable foe.

I will be doing a slight modification to the story. One of my other testers pointed out a couple of things so I will be making those corrections. I will be working on the updates in September so it will be some time until those updates are applied.

Your critiques in regards to TOTLM3 and 4, I am aware of the Key Pillar issues in TOTLM3. Those were corrected in version 2.0 (unless there is another bug I'm not aware of) and they were corrected in TOTLM4 V2.0. For the PDA / Tome pickups, they didn't crash the game in earlier versions of GZDoom. I know TOTLM3 hasn't aged well but TOTLM4 I did update to allow it to work with newer versions of GZDoom. At the time, I updated TOTLM4 to work with GZDoom 3.1.3 (I think it was that at the time?)

Anyway, I'm glad you have enjoyed my works and I'll be sure to look into what you've indicated :)

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Re: RELEASED! - Temple of the Lizard Men 10yr Anniversary Re

Postby Alando1 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:23 pm

Hey guys, I've been away from my computer for a bit. I will be uploading an updated version of the TOTLM1 remake by the end of this month. I've made some corrections to some issues that had been reported. I will keep all of you posted in regards to any other updates.

Thank you for your patience :)

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