The Forestale - OUT NOW! Buy on Steam

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The Forestale - OUT NOW! Buy on Steam

Post by Korshun »


The game is finally out on Steam!

The game is compatible with vanilla GZDoom 3.0-3.6, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. GZDoom 3.7+ is not compatible due to making models white.

(The trailer preview is a lie, we blew the release date... by a day or two)

And please, PLEASE, even if you don't buy the game, add user-defined tags on the Steam page! Yes, even already existing ones! The more users add these tags, the more the game shows up as suggested near other games! Those tags really make a difference!
Spoiler: How to add user-defined tags on Steam
Spoiler: Modified GZDoom source code (GPL obligation)
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Re: The Forestale - OUT NOW! Buy on Steam

Post by Rachael »

Korshun wrote:How do I insert a nice transparent logo? It loses the alpha channel when embedded on!
You will have to enable the use of the [img] tag. More info can be found here.

If you use imgur as a host, you'll have to look for its "embed" feature, or change the image link to[image-id].png.
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Re: The Forestale - OUT NOW! Buy on Steam

Post by ModernAeon »

I'm curious how the Forestale creator came to use GZDOOM for this kind of platformer. I've done some simple personal DOOM 2 weapons customization, hope to do a full TC game in time, but hadn't thought about a 2D platformer on this engine being a possibility. I've released games on Steam and Itch that are 2D using Unity, which I've since moved away from because I end up spending too much time reinventing the wheel with my poor C# scripting. I imagine to use an engine like GZDOOM as the base of a 2D Platformer probably necessitates more scripting than a standard 3D GZDOOM entry, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm mostly just curious to hear more from devs that use GZDoom, especially with commercial deploys, as to whether they have touched things like Unreal 4 or Unity or even Pygame, Phaser, etc. And if so, how these types of kitchen sink engines compare with using GZDoom. What's harder. What's easier. ETC.

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