Abysm: Dawn of Innocence v1.2 UPDATE

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Re: Abysm: Dawn of Innocence v1.2 UPDATE

Postby jazzmaster9 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:47 am

karry299 wrote:
Wrath of God: Generates a blast of energy that does heavy physical damage.

Does it really ? Because i tried to target an enemy from a distance. I tried to use it right next to an enemy. There is no visible "blast" to be seen anywhere, and enemies remain unharmed. A waste of an inventory slot if i ever saw one.

Its a close distance spell. so not really a waste at all.
If it didnt do any damage, its because an enemy is resistant to Blast Damage which are the bosses.
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you guys should definitely play Abysm 2
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